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CNC Milling

Our CNC mills are used for a variety of parts, from vice plates and table plates to band saw guide backings

CNC Turning

This is one of the work horses in our machine shop. It turns over 400 band wheels in one month. We make wheels for most band saws on the large turning center. However, our CNC turning centers accommodate a wide range of parts. We turn all of our replacement band wheel shafts here as well; all with, tight concentricity, fine finishes, and unsurpassed quality. The larger lathes turn large parts and such as wheels that weigh as much as 50 lbs (such as the Marvel 8-1205). Additionally, our turning centers are configured in cells, allowing the efficiency of simultaneous, and multiple turning operations. Each cell includes a jib crane for easy and safe handling of large, heavy parts.

Gear Generating

The only way we found to control quality of the lower band wheels is to cut the gears in-house. We use the Gleeson 12b gear generator and it has increased throughput of our Marvel 8-1205 band wheel products in both quality and delivery. Through this process, we have the ability to say that the 8-1205 And 8-b17 are “Always In Stock”.

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it" - Henry Ford

The Finest Aftermarket Parts Manufactured

We have been in the Band saw industry for over 20 years. We have a 20,000 square foot facility located in Houston, Texas with approximately 25 employees. Our facility includes an onsite tool grinding area where we fabricate form tools and sharpen drills. We have many years of experience in machining all kinds of material including stainless steel, leaded steel, aluminum, carbon steels, all types of castings, nylon and many others. We have a wide variety of capabilities that include high volume automatics, CNC Turning and Milling, CNC lathe machining with live tooling, and close tolerance grinding. We also have a wide range of secondary operational machines like drill presses, turret lathes, and manual mills and lathes. For more information on our capabilities give us a call at 800.754.6920 and we talk about your sawing needs and what we could do for you. - A Leader in Implementing the Solution - A Leader in Implementing the Solution Since it's inception in 2000, has been the leader in the world market for Replacement Band Saw Parts. Today, thousands of parts are in stock and ready to ship to our customer base. Our customers find the cost savings through's pricing programs and on time shipping. Our top Quality Marvel Saw Parts provides greater profits to the customer.'s huge inventory program competes successfully and directly with OEM Manufactures like Marvel, DoAll, Hyd-Mech and others. Faster machine repairs equal higher profits for the customers..